Large Weldments

At Advanced Steel Technology, our focus on manufacturing components for the construction, material handling, and heavy equipment industries has enabled us to develop unsurpassed expertise for welding large, heavy parts. We have invested in a variety of lifting and positioning equipment to precisely maneuver steel parts-weighing up to 20 tons- through either a CNC robotic or manual MIG welding process. Due to the size of the equipment and success of the operation, we are building a new, state of the art facility to exclusively handle this business.

Automated and programmable positioners with multiple axes of motion enable us to execute high precision welds in any joining configuration for parts held at any angle. There is almost no limit on the size of the assembly. We use only certified materials, and deliver high quality welding according to international standards. Certified weld inspectors are on staff to visually and optically inspect each weld to ensure its quality and validate its long-term integrity.

Able to handle medium to large volume projects, we have successfully executed large weldments to fabricate frames for tractors and other heavy equipment, such as bulldozers, material handlers, packers (asphalt/dirt), excavators, and fork lifts. To learn more about how our large part welding services can help you with your application, contact us today.

Welding Operation
  • CNC

  • Free Hand

  • Robotic

Arc/Resistance Welding Process
  • Metal Inert Gas (MIG)

Intended Cutting Material
  • A36 Plate Steel

  • A572 Grade 50 Plate Steel

  • Some Heat Treated Quench and Tempered Plate

  • Multiple

  • Automatic

  • Tractor Frames

  • Construction Equipment Frames

Size Range
  • Large

Maximum Lifting Capacity
  • 20 tons

Quality Control
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine CMM

  • Templates

  • Gauges

Production Volume
  • Medium to Large Volume

Additional Information
Industry Focus
  • Construction

  • Heavy Equipment

  • Material Handling

Intended Applications
  • Bulldozers

  • Packers (Asphalt / Dirt)

  • Excavators

  • Wheel Loaders

  • Backhoes / Fork Lifts

Industry Standards
  • ISO 9001

  • ASTM

File Formats
  • DXF

  • IGES

  • PDF

  • Images

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