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Custom Fabrication of a Wheel Loader Bucket for the Heavy Construction Equipment Industry


We were contracted by a heavy construction equipment OEM to fabricate this loader bucket that would be used on a wheel loader. Our custom steel fabrication began with utilizing our large machining center to cut, bend, and machine the metal to the specifications supplied by the customer. Our certified welders, along with our robotic welding systems, put the pieces together. Constructed from A514, A572 Gr.50, and AR400 steel, the loader bucket measured 12' to 8' long and 4' to 3' wide. Our manufacturing tolerances were ±.05 mm. As an ISO 9001 certified company, quality is our top priority. Details of this custom steel fabrication project can be found in the table below or contact us to learn more.

Product Description
  • This loader bucket is used on a wheel loader.

Steel Fabrication Capabilities & Applied/Processes
  • ​Fabrication

    • Cutting

    • Bending

    • Machining

    • Welding

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
  • Large Machining Center

  • Robotic Welders

Overall Part Dimensions
  • Length: 12' to 8'

  • Width: 4' to 3'

Tightest Tolerances
  • ±.05mm

Material Used
  • A514

  • A572 Gr.50

  • AR400

Industry for Use
  • Heavy Construction Equipment

  • AST Can Tailor Production for Any Volume

Delivery Location
  • North America

Standards Met
  • Certified Welders

  • ISO 9001

  • Customer supplies print in tiff. Or pdf. Format but AST can accept DXF files or 3D prints.

Product Name
  • Loader Bucket

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