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Steel Plate Blasting

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Advanced Steel Technology offers you flawless services of steel blasting for all steel and other metal parts. We provide steel plate blasting services for a variety of heavy machinery components of bulldozers, material handlers, packers (asphalt/dirt), excavators, wheel loaders, backhoes, and fork lifts. We are equipped with latest technology to provide your steel plates the smooth or rough finish that you expect within a limited span of time.

The steel plate blasting capabilities of AST are

  • Cleans Parts for Paint or Powder Coating

  • Removes Unwanted Residue

  • Smoothes Surface

Steel parts of any length and thickness are used for blasting by us. The steel part is initially cleaned and smoothed off surface contaminants and dirt (iron grits) through blasting and is then powder coated or painted according to your requirements. Hence a clean and smooth steel surface is obtained. The blasting machinery that we use for this process is fully automated and enclosed.

We employ a number of different techniques of blasting like shot blasting, wheel blasting, hydro-blasting and abrasive blasting. The blasting operations at AST are carried out in a healthy and safety way. Also our quality control team carries out examination of all the finished products regularly to give our customers their expected satisfaction.

We mostly use latest computer software techniques like CAM in our manufacturing processes which offer you a speedy and efficient produce in the end. At AST the entire cutting, bending, beveling, flattening, welding, blasting and painting processes are carried out through experienced technicians in the respective fields. Hence defective welding or improper blasting is highly impossible with us.

Intended Cutting Material
  • A36 Plate Steel

  • A572 Grade 50 Plate Steel

  • Some Heat Treated Quench and Tempered Plate

Secondary Operations
  • In-plant painting

  • Flattening

  • Bulldozers

  • Material Handlers

  • Packers (asphalt/dirt)

  • Excavators, Wheel Loaders

  • Backhoes / Fork Lifts

Equipment List
  • Automated and fully enclosed blasting machinery

  • Fully automated loading conveyors

  • Magnetic cranes

  • Robotic cutting

  • Unloading machines

QC Process & Certification
  • ISO9001

  • Visual inspection of all components by AST's technician after shot blasting

Part Dimensions
  • Plate Thickness - 4 inches

  • No limits on part dimensions

Acceptable Drawing File Formats
  • DWG / DXF

  • PDF

  • JPG / GIF / TIFF / BMP

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