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Steel & Metal Painting

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Advanced Steel Technology has been offering exceptional quality steel painting and metal painting services since 1962. High quality painting is done for your cut, bent, beveled and machined parts. We are equipped with latest technology services for painting all steel parts and metal plates.

We offer two types of painting processes that include

  • Powder Coating

  • Wet Painting

Steel parts of different lengths and thickness are painted by our well qualified experts using multiple colors and graphics. Attractive designs are also done on demand according to the specification of the customer. The steel part is initially removed of any unwanted metal residues and cleaned thoroughly. Then its surface is smoothed and laid for powder coating or wet painting.

Dry painting or powder coating is applied electro-statically and then left to dry under heat. Wet painting is done using high quality solvent-containing liquid paint which provides a smooth textured finish to your steel and metal parts. The paint application has consistent thickness and is long lasting.

Our manual steel painting and metal painting services capabilities provide you a wide array of benefits including:

  • Controlled Environment

  • Consistent Application Thickness

  • Multiple Colors

  • Attractive and Long Lasting

We provide painting services for a number of heavy machinery components like bulldozers, material handlers, packers (asphalt/dirt), excavators, wheel loaders, backhoes, and fork lifts.

Our Quality control professional on AST's production line will further check and ensure if the painting is applied uniformly thus providing you an excellent finishing.

  • Joining configuration of parts

  • Robotic CNC Welding with Automatic Positioners

  • Precision Hand-Welding

  • A36 Plate Steel

  • A572 Grade 50 Plate Steel

  • Special materials

Secondary Operations
  • In-plant painting

  • Flattening

  • Bulldozers

  • Material Handlers

  • Packers (asphalt/dirt)

  • Excavators, Wheel Loaders

  • Backhoes / Fork Lifts

Equipment List
  • Fully automated loading conveyors

  • Magnetic cranes

  • Robotic cutting

  • Unloading machines

QC Process & Certification
  • ISO9001

  • Visual inspection of all components by AST's technician after shot blasting

Part Dimensions
  • Plate Thickness - 4 inches

  • No limits on part dimensions

Acceptable Drawing File Formats
  • DWG / DXF

  • PDF

  • JPG / GIF / TIFF / BMP

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